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Unparalleled Invoicing Automation Software

Get Full Control

CONSULT® is designed for achieving billing automation objectives. You get full control over configuring accounts, fixing monthly/semi-monthly billing rates, viewing timesheet entries, sending automated reminders to consultants and printing customized/standard invoices.

CONSULT® comes with an advanced dashboard with the same touch and experience of working on QuickBooks Online. Your accountant will get a full view of timesheet submissions, contractual compliance and a centralized point of control.

Business Growth
CONSULT A/R automation software for improved compliance
Manage your account receivables from anywhere by using CONSULT
Financial Planning

Stop guessing and consciously plan your financial strategies with CONSULT® features for A/R and VMS.

Invoice Analysis

Empower your accountants with a powerful analytical tool for achieving 100% perfection in invoicing.

Track your receivables on the go using CONSULT
Single Sign On (SSO) Access
Optimize your A/R performance by CONSULT

CONSULT® is a cloud-based add-on invoicing automation application integrated with QuickBooks online and delivered as SaaS. With a single sign-on you get full access to all the software’s features within the QuickBooks ™ environment.

The Perfect Combo

CONSULT® Dashboard

Processes data for delivering error-free contract-compliant invoices that are ready for dispatch with minimal audit.

QuickBooks Advantage

Empowers invoice preparers with a single-point access center for all billing inputs and critical financial data.

Key Benefits
Our automation solution for invoicing ensures the integrity of the bills in totality – additionally, your invoicing team will spend less time on collecting and collating relevant information, making manual calculations and searching for the latest contractual changes.
Your successful bill collection rate will improve dramatically. CONSULT® will automatically send reminders to customers by comparing QuickBooks data and similarly ensures that you don’t make a duplicate payment to vendors.
By automating with CONSULT® you will see a significant drop in disputed invoices and faster payments receipts because of the built-in auto-reminder. The overall result is that your business gets a streamlined cash flow and a reduction in borrowing and bank interest.
Fully Integrated VMS

CONSULT® offers an automated VMS integration that makes it a breeze to track vendor billing performance. Never overpay or underpay; the software automatically checks data with the latest information, so that you don’t face revenue leaks.

Solve your biggest A/R challenges with CONSULT A/R automation
On-Time Payments

Experience the power of an integrated advanced VMS in CONSULT® for paying your IT staffing company bills – no more delayed, excess or accidental unverified bills payments. Full integration with QuickBooks ensures payment integrity.

  • Plan

  • Prioritize

  • Strategize

  • Schedule

Experience Benefits
Empower your accounts receivable team with A/R automation Software
Automate Payment

Eliminate excess payments. Compare your payment liability based on QuickBooks entries and banking details. Automate money transfer and check printing.

Increase Accuracy with integrated A/R automation solution for QuickBooks
Optimize Credits

Never pay in advance when you don’t have to. Take advantage of vendor credit period – Just pay on time – never before and never late.

Multi-State Tax Allocation

CONSULT’s® unique categorization provides methodology for billing consultants located in multiple non-home state locations help save taxes, deal with missed invoices and incomplete project billing; further protects staffing companies from accountants accidentally applying incorrect pay rates and billing hours, contract non-compliance, incorrect discount rates and failure to apply multiple billing rates

Enable your invoicing team with a state-of-the-art invoice categorization tool. With CONSULT®, calculating interstate tax is now a breeze. Say good bye to excess payments and save on taxes.

Business Growth
CONSULT - Accounts Receivable Automation Solution
Integrating QuickBooks for A/R Automation
Automated Tax Categorization

Invoice categorization is for IT staffing companies that want to optimize interstate taxation – saves CPA fees for your staffing business.

Automated Tax Planning

Optimize your choice of consultants/subcontractors, customers’ locations and payment receipts for maximum benefits. Make smart automated billing a reality.

CONSULT Invoicing Software for Staffing companies
200+ Invoice Templates

Choose from 200+ CONSULT® readymade invoice templates that reflect your brands' image or order a few more if this doesn’t satisfy you. You can insert a logo of your choice and send out a strong message. Options include: consolidated, consultant centric, multiple contractor, single invoices and more.

  • Custom Branding
  • Instant Recognition
  • PDF and/or Paper Print
  • Switch between Templates
  • Custom Auto-numbering
Accounts Receivable Automation Software – CONSULT
Unique and Easy to Read

Our invoice designs are exclusive and you can choose what to print and not to print in different file formats for dispatch by email or mail – Ideally suited for mass printing and sending reminders.

Positive Impact
Response Rate
Rapid Processing
Customer Compatibility
Improve Cash Flow

CONSULT® is the perfect solution for streamlining cash flow in IT Staffing business – you will be paid faster because you can bid adieu to billing errors with smart invoicing, send automated reminders requesting payments and even integrate payment receipts using QuickBooks TM features.

Ensures that your organization is able to meet its obligations on time resulting in getting paid faster, higher profits and lower interests on borrowings with forecasted financial planing.

Grow Exponentially
CONSULT - Automated Invoice Processing Software for IT Staffing

Streamlined cash flow.

Using CONSULT A/R Automation move fast on past-due receivables

High customer success

When your IT staffing business has a streamlined cash flow, your chances to expand and reach out to new customers multiply exponentially.

  • No missed invoices
  • Get paid instantly
  • Razor-sharp information
  • On time invoices and payments
Make Informed Decisions

Make your IT staffing company a knowledge driven enterprise with CONSULT's® intuitive dashboard and by automating invoicing process and generated data for taking business decisions. CONSULT® is the perfect invoicing tool that helps analyze payment receipts information into tangible data for planning and decision making.

CONSULT A/R Automation: Say Goodbye to Late Payments
Our Core Services
Capture Data

CONSULT is the tool that businesses trust for capturing raw data and converting them into actionable values.

Data to Assets

Convert your invoices to extract reliable information for selecting your future customers and focus demographics.

Our Focus Areas
  • Adding Value

  • Sharpening Intelligence

  • Perfecting Automation

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