Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

CONSULT® is the preferred invoicing automation software for QuickBooks to take your staffing business to the next level.

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CONSULT® is an end-to-end SaaS invoicing application and a robust AR Automation tool that is integrated with QuickBooks. It is designed specifically for staffing companies to empower Accounts Receivable teams, to streamline cash flow, and to increase profits.
CONSULT® is offered as SaaS. You can access its services by subscribing to a suitable plan that best fits your accounting needs. There is absolutely nothing to download or install.
Yes, you will require a QuickBooks subscription to use CONSULT®.
CONSULT® requires a valid QuickBooks Online subscription. We will be glad to transfer your data to QuickBooks Online. Contact us at
CONSULT® does not store your data, except for those that are related to automation.
The only data types that are synced to CONSULT® are Accounts Receivables. This is done for delivering operational intelligence to your accounting.
Sensitive information such as billing rates can only be viewed by the Company Administrator and Bookkeepers who make entries. Personally Identifiable Information like DOB and SSN cannot be viewed through CONSULT®.
Yes, all your data is stored in QuickBooks. CONSULT® automates the Account Receivables which is a part of your accounting operations. So, you can use QuickBooks as usual even after you cancel the service.
You can login to CONSULT® App in three different ways:
1. Login to CONSULT® using provided credentials.
2. Use your existing Intuit credentials as a Single Sign On.
3. From the QuickBooks App, click “Get App Now.”
We will be very glad to incorporate any features you are looking for; please let us know your requirements through the Live Chat or email us at
Yes, you can configure your company’s/business’ email address within CONSULT® to send automated invoices and reminders.
There are two options available for consultants to submit timesheets:
1. Each consultant will be provided with login credentials to submit the timesheets at no extra cost.
2. Or, the Bookkeeper/Company Admin can enter timesheets in CONSULT® portal on behalf of a consultant.
CONSULT® is an Invoice Automation Software, therefore, manual invoicing within QuickBooks is not recommended after the integration. It may negatively impact the Invoice Automation’s objectives.
CONSULT® is Invoicing Automation software that handles timesheets as well. Any manual timesheet entry in QuickBooks may negatively impact performance.
Yes, you can cancel the service at any point of time by not renewing it at the end of the subscription period.
CONSULT® stores your data within QuickBooks. Cancelling the subscription will not affect any data stored in your QuickBooks account. However, data related to automation will be removed.
CONSULT® requires the “Categories” feature enabled in QuickBooks Online. You can Enable Category Feature in QuickBooks Online.
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