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About Atkku

“A product made for revolutionizing financial technologies, revenue sciences and analytics for IT staffing companies through adoption of futuristic invoicing automation today.”

Atkku is an enterprise that we built to make technologies purposeful and bring automation for invoice processing, especially for the IT staffing business.

Our flagship invoicing automation product CONSULT® helps IT staffing companies to bring efficiency into their operations by integrating our automated invoicing software with QuickBooks online. The invoicing automation solution for staffing businesses helps staffing company operators to improve cash flow, automate accounts receivable processes and streamline vendor management system (VMS).

Automate Accounts and Accelerate Growth

Sankar Veeramalai, CEO

We used multiple technologies to develop CONSULT® – our sophisticated invoicing software makes running IT staffing companies simpler by adopting lean accounting processes that increase team productivity and profits.

Why Choose CONSULT® for Invoicing Automation

Simplifies Invoicing

No more tiresome collection of data and collating. CONSULT® will do it more efficiently and in less time.

Reliable and Accurate

Puts an end to disputed invoices – your customers are assured of a reliable invoice for writing a check straight away.

Improves Financials

By combining automated A/R, staffing-specific invoicing software and VMS in CONSULT® you give your business a perfect cash flow.

CONSULT® for Accounting Operation Strategizing

Profit-centric Approach

CONSULT is a multi-utility strategic accounting solution that IT staffing companies can leverage to bolster their Profitability.

Fortify Your Brand Image

Our software is fully laden with invoice designs – take your pick or order a customized invoice design to standout from the crowd.


Plug Revenue Leaks

Increase Profits

Schedule events – timely invoice dispatch, send reminders for unpaid bills, no more missed invoices, stop excess tax payments…

Automated Invoices

AI Processing

No more delayed dispatches complaints from customers. Digital email ensures that invoices are delivered on time every time.

Stop Delinquencies

Rapid Payments

Pick out the habitually delinquent customers and schedule more reminders and see your payments come in faster.

Custom Branding

Pre-Built Templates

Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use invoice templates or order something different to give your business a unique brand image.

360° Dashboard

Stay Ahead

Empower your accountants with a centralized dashboard for total control. Send reminders, invoke contract compliance…

Secured Process

Customer Sucess

Safest environment for invoicing – protect data theft, stop over payments, avoid duplicate entries, investigate suspicious entries…

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